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Working as a pharmacy technician, I often saw the same patients coming back with chronic health issues that were only being managed by medication but not resolved, a lot of these patients were hesitant to change their eating habits because they believed that they had to sacrifice their favorite foods as well as flavor.

With a strong desire to help these patients as well as other members of the community, I started my journey that would soon lead to my dream career. It started off with my grill master husband and I prepping meals at home for our close friends, after seeing the drastic changes and hearing great feedback, we proceeded to move forward and start Fit Life Utah.


This is not just a business for me, and it is a passion. I love the process of developing clean eating recipes, making flavorful food, and helping others adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Lilian A.


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  • Ordering is now OPEN!

  • NEW Weekly MENU! Every Friday!

  • Minimum order required.

  • All orders have to be in by Sunday for Tuesday delivery. You can order anytime, between Tuesday to Thursday, we will have your tasty, healthy meals ready for pickup or delivery in 24 hours! 🚚

  • Hours of delivery Tuesday to Friday between 12pm-5pm

  • We are open for pickup, Tuesday to Friday between 10am -5pm

  • Please leave a thermal bag/cooler out if no one is home.

  • Thermo bag is required for all deliveries- Thermo bag is $20 for your first delivery-one time fee.



Our standard clean eating meals consist of low to medium carbohydrates, low to medium healthy fats, and high protein, we also provide customers with the option of purchasing healthy dessert alternatives such as muffins, bagels, protein balls and much more.

For our ketogenic clientele, we provide clean ketogenic options which consist of low carbohydrates, high healthy fats, and medium to high proteins, for low carb dessert alternatives, we give customers the option of purchasing brownies, fat bombs, low carb bread and more.


Our Food

Our food is made with you in mind; we don’t want our clients to sacrifice quality over taste. We believe that clean eating is a sustainable way of life that can transform the body from the inside as well as the outside.


We make our meals with nutrition in mind by using clean ingredients, unprocessed meats, house blend spices, and fresh produce to provide nourishment. Whether

you are trying to lose weight, meet a health goal, or simply change your way of eating, our meals will transform you one meal at a time.

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